you smile

they smile

we all smile

We resolve to make 2018 a better year.

 A year of smiles on faces and hope in hearts.

Its super simple. 

We want you to throw a party!

Big, small, fancy, crazy, epic... you decide. Its like a "choose your own adventure," but in real life.

So gather your friends, youth group, office* or any group of people you can find.

Come and Collaborate with us by signing up to host a party.  

Every $500 we raise sponsors a party/event for more than 35 kids. 

Our Goal is to get 200 people (or orgs) to collaborate with us.

Will you be one of the 200?    

You or your ORGs Name *
You or your ORGs Name
Contact Phone #
Contact Phone #

Does your company want to throw a party to give a party?

Our good friends at A2 Events want to help. 

A2 Events is a boutique corporate event company world renown for throwing spectacular events that highlight the unique vision of their clients. Not only are they going to help you throw a party that highlights your company's generosity, they give part of their profits to help sponsor more parties for children.

Visit them at